Reusable Face Wipes - 4pack

Reusable Face Wipes - 4pack

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These flannel cloths are perfect for upgrading your daily hygiene routine. These days there are 1,000 ways to reduce waste and are a perfect switch for your disposable wipes.

Our cloths are approximately 8" x 8" and vary in thickness depending on the cloth used.  The edges are reinforced with double stitching. Thicker and softer than your average kleenex. Comes in a pack of 4 mismatched fabrics.

Upcycled just like most of our products and made from the sleeves of men's flannel shirts.  Machine wash and dry after each use.  We recommend adding in with your towels load of laundry if you use the cloths to remove makeup or products that may stain clothing. 

There are so  many ways to fall in love with these handy wipes.  Here's are our three favorites:

  • Makeup Removal
  • Daily Face Washing
  • Kleenex during a seasonal cold


**Photos show each cloth folded in half twice. Cloths in photo are folded to be about 4" wide.