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Create Good Lightweight Winter Beanie - Electric Pink

Add a cozy accessory to your winter look with a lightweight knit beanie. All purchases help us donate to teachers around the world.

We all spent time learning a new craft during 2020, right? Well we at Create Good learned how to knit.  Here's our new Winter Beanies Collection.


It started with wanting to sell a line of winter hats but not knowing where to source the hats I wanted.  So instead, we took matters into our own hands and bought a loom!  After a few grueling attempts and many rocky starts, we have beanies!


This beanie is made with yarn that is 100% acrylic wool from Bernat Berella. It's a nice lightweight hat style and will keep you warm on those winter days. Hats made from this yarn has simple washing instructions which will be provided in with your purchase.

One size fits most.  Fits larger size heads and toddlers! This knit is very versatile. 

Dimensions and details:

Colors: Electric Pink

Length from top to brim: approximately 10"


The first photo is of the hat available in this listing and the other photos show more angles of the beanies made with the same yarn variations.

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