Face Masks with Elastic Loops - 2 Pack
Face Masks with Elastic Loops - 2 Pack

Face Masks with Elastic Loops - 2 Pack

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These packs are sold in the style of Buy 2, Give 2. Which means for every pack sold you will receive two masks like the masks shown in the first photo and we will match that by donating two masks to local shelters and hospitals. Currently inventory is limited and we will restock each morning at 9am MST.  

***First photo shows the masks for sale.  The second photo shows a sample of the filter opening we leave in each mask. Elastic is 1/4" but type and texture may vary due to limited availability.   

These face masks are made from cotton/polyester blend fabrics.  Some are completely made of upcycled mens' dress shirts (per our usual style) and others have 100% cotton fabrics used for one or two layers to help keep up with demand.


Approximate dimensions : 5.5" x 8.5" face mask

The masks should fit most adults and this style comes with approximately 6.5" elastic ear loops.  There is a hole left at the bottom to allow you to add a filter if you need to.  


I have worn mine just as a protective layer.  Others need filters for work and some just add a layer of felt or a coffee filter to add an extra layer of protection.  If you choose to add the layer you should dispose the filter after each use.


Masks should be washed after each use. We also recommend washing them upon arrival.  We are doing out part with sanitation in the shop, but you can never be too careful.


The Face Mask is NOT Medical device.