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Compost 101

Put simply, composting is a way to turn organic food waste into amazing soil that can be used later in vegetable gardens, flower beds, and more.  Some people avoid composting because of some of the common myths that surround it: it’s smelly, it takes a ton of room, and it’s difficult to do. Those comments are myths for a reason - they aren’t true! Composting is simple to do once you understand what can and cannot be placed into your pile, bin, or bucket. Here’s a quick list to make things easier:


-          Leaves
-          Non-animal food scraps like fruits, veggies, bread, coffee grounds, etc.
-          Dryer lint
-          Old herbs and spices
-          Grass trimmings


-          Pet droppings
-          Animal products like bones, meat, butter, and milk
-          Tea and coffee bags
-          Glossy paper
-          Sticky labels from fruit and veggies

If you don’t have room in your yard to have your own composting pile, consider purchasing a composting tumbler that takes up much less room and keeps things a bit tidier. Ask your friends and neighbors if they would be willing to join in on the composting fun and then decide on a centralized location that works for everyone. You’ll be surprised at how much amazing soil you’ll create by the time you are ready to plant your garden next Spring!

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