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About our Company

There are 1,000 reasons to start a company.  Here are mine.

In 2012 I had just finished two terms with AmeriCorpsNCCC and starting a nonprofit.  I was between jobs, between goals, and technically between housing.  I didn't know what I wanted, but I knew I wanted to live a creative life.  I began slowly selling art projects online.  I dreamed up what is known as the Boyfriend Skirt. After moving and gaining a little confidence, inventory, and experience, I began doing local markets in North Carolina. In 2016 I quit my job and became a full time creative.


That's an amazing thing to accomplish.  I was excited (and terrified)!  With a background in nonprofit work throughout most of my 20s, I knew there was always a void of funding and knew my company could help. While I'm not an educator, I value my education very much.  So I decided that 5% of each sale would go toward US classrooms and as of 2018 we've had an impact on over 5,700 students. If you feel compelled, I encourage you to use to help teachers provide the education kids deserve.


Thank you for supporting the Create Good Company in any way that you see fit. It means the world to me and to the education system.



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