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Book Club

We love a good read! If you're into turning pages or need a book to listen to on your commute, we're hear to help!  Over the years we have listened to HUNDREDS of books while sitting at the sewing machine or driving cross country to events.  So we thought it's time to share a few favorites with you. 


June 2022:

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

The Midnight Library ponders the infinite possibilities of life. It is about a young woman named Nora Seed, who lives a monotonous, ordinary life and feels unwanted and unaccomplished. One night, her despair reaches a peak and she commits suicide. But the story doesn't end there--Nora gets a chance to experience various ways her life could've unfolded had she made slightly different choices. She finds herself in a place called the Midnight Library, which exists between life and death and is filled with books in which lie endless parallel lives she might've lived.



We will post new reads each month! Different themes, different authors, but always something we enjoyed.  If you've read something you want to share, leave a comment below and we will check it out! We hope to make this interactive with you.

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