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Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Are you looking for a unique way to give a gift? Try our Wine Bottle Gift Bags and instantly beco...

Are you looking for a unique way to give a gift? Try our Wine Bottle Gift Bags and instantly become the hit of the party! 
This is the best way to give a bottle of wine or bomber beer. Perfect for housewarming gifts, birthdays, or just for making sure your gift looks as fancy as you do for your next night out. Never show up at a party with your booze underdressed!

The Wine Bottle Gift Bag is made from the shirt sleeve of a Men's plaid or flannel dress shirt. It is 100% one of a kind. Each bag created is different from the next because we rarely find two of the exact same shirt during sourcing. Each shirt has been donated and thrifted. We wash and dry each shirt before production. The best part is that this product is almost entirely upcycled. Sustainable gifting is the best kind of gifting.

Product Specifics: This shirt has a small blue and purple plaid pattern. The bow has a yellow background with colorful flowers.

Each bag is approximately 14.5" tall finished and has a squared bottom seam to give it a fitted look. The bow is detachable. The bow is sewn to an elastic band allowing it to easily be taken on and off the bag. The attachment on the bow is made from the same shirt material. 

To place it around a bottle of wine, take the elastic and bow off, unbutton the top of the sleeve, and place bottle inside. Then simply rebutton the shirt and slip the bow back on. It's that easy!

We've heard so many great stories about our Wine Bottle Gift Bags and we can't wait to be a part of your next occasion! We love creating these gift bags in hopes that they will be reused and passed from friend to friend. The less plastic we create, the better!

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Please note: The first picture is the wine bag you will receive. The supplemental photos shows you samples of our other patterns.    

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