Covid 19 caused Mother Earth to Glo Up.

A lot has changed since COVID-19 has started. Our routines, jobs, events, and lives as we know them have been altered drastically by this “new norm.” However, it’s important to also recognize the positive impacts that Coronavirus has had on the planet and its overall health. We can learn from these changes and continue to make better decisions as we move forward coming out of the pandemic.

The usage of gasoline in the US dropped by 50% and jet fuel by 75% in the first two weeks of April, which means that transportation emissions also dropped drastically. This has reduced smog and improved air quality in densely populated areas, and especially big cities like Los Angeles and New York City. People have only been making necessary trips or have significantly cut back on the amount of driving and traveling they do. Moving forward, try to consolidate errands to certain times and places. For example, having a plan to get an oil change then go grocery shopping on the same day because they’re both on one side of town is better than doing the errands on separate days. Also see if anyone in your neighborhood or area wants to carpool! The less emissions we put out from transportation, the healthier we will be and Mother Nature will reap the same reward.

On social media and from family and friends, we’ve seen a lot of people coming up with creative ways to reuse and repurpose things in their homes. Whether it’s restoring old furniture or making art from stuff in an old forgotten junk bin, try diverting your spring cleaning finds from the landfill to something with a new purpose!

Reusable is the new disposable! While a lot of the recommended COVID-19 cleaners and personal protective equipment are single use, try to find reusable or greener options. Need a mask? We've got you covered! They’re super cute, washable, and have an option to add a filter. Wiping down packages and shared surfaces? Check out reusable paper towels! Buying reusable options can save you money in the long run and give you some peace of mind when store supply is limited during the pandemic. If single use options are the only options available to you, please be sure to dispose of them properly and responsibly.

What are some habits you’ve picked up during COVID-19 that you’ll be taking into the future? Comment below.

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  • During the pandemic my husband and I have spent so much time together outdoors. We are utilizing this unique and precious time in history to go deeper into the natural world and experience the beauty that has been given to each of us. In doing so, we are cleaning up trash along the way that others have left behind in the past, and making sure that we leave each space a little brighter than before we came. My daughter and I have taken up Backgammon and have enjoyed our time together competing in this fun but strategic board game. Friends and family have created zoom groups that meet on a regular basis, we’ve celebrated birthdays & Mother’s Day, High school and college graduations, weddings that have been non-traditional yet creative and And still full of love, memorial day, And soon to be Father’s Day. We’ve celebrated the birth of a new life and the death of a loved one. Furry friends of all types have been rescued and loved during this time as well as some of our favorite friends who transitioned onward. There’s been fear and anger, judgment and pointing of fingers and there’s been love and compassion in a coming together and connecting to help the greater good. There’s been hopes and dreams and faith in a promise of a better tomorrow in a world that will never be the same sadly and thankfully at the same time, irony at its best. And the best of all our mother earth is healing, species of all kinds are flourishing and thriving and taking back what was rightfully theirs to begin with, but willing to share all along as long as we are sharing kindly back. The new normal is the new catchphrase of 2020 and beyond. The new normal needs to transform Beyond normal, past new normal. This time in history is too huge to ignore. This time in history is too important to go back to normal or to even go to a new norm. Human beings need to completely transform and find self awareness and find love and compassion and empathy deep within our hearts that’s going to create a whole New World. Peace and light to each and every one of You.


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Covid 19 caused Mother Earth to Glo Up.