Environmental Packaging Upgrade

There’s no question that we all love supporting small businesses! Buying from brands that sell handmade or upcycled products is often better for the environment than buying from companies that mass produce their products. Unfortunately, the environmental impact of shopping from businesses online increases when the products need to be shipped to the customer.  So how do we maintain our low impact?

We are in the process of lowering our impact and following our own mission of reducing waste.  This year Create Good has started switching out our packaging to minimize the carbon footprint. We are restocking our packaging supply with sustainable mailers from EcoEnclose. EcoEnclose is dedicated to changing the packaging industry by producing 100% recyclable shipping supplies in an environmentally conscious production process. Even the ink is eco-friendly- it’s made from algae! 

We are also updating our tape usage by replacing it with Kraft Paper Tape for the holidays. Kraft Paper Tape is naturally a more eco-friendly choice in carton sealing. KPT starts with a renewable paper backing, adds interwoven fiberglass threads and finish it off with a water-activated, high-performing corn starch adhesive. How cool is that?

And to top it all off, EcoEnclose is located just 54 miles down the road and their products are all made in the US.

Thanks for reading and let us know your thoughts below! How important is sustainability to you? Does USA made mean more? What other companies have a  mission for sustainability that you love?

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Environmental Packaging Upgrade