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Going Green for Boogers

Going Green for Boogers

You read the title right, let's get green for the green part of your life.


If you know me, you know I follow a lot of sustainable and zero waste accounts on social media.  I think they're interesting, they keep me on my innovative toes, and sometimes they guilt me in o ideas I didn't know I would support.


This past month I have focused on cleaning out bins in my office that I just can't get to during the busy season.  The biggest bins I have were FULL, and more accurately described as overflowing, with sleeves for wine bags.  The truth is that I sell twice as many skirts as wine bags, yet each shirt comes with two sleeves.  So, I started ripping some sleeves apart for another purpose. And here's why....


I recently saw some zero waste accounts talking about keeping soft scrap fabrics in a jar in the bathroom for washing your face, cleaning the sink surface and even blowing your nose.  I don't wash my face and Dave's in charge of cleaning the sink, but I think we all blow our nose...right?  So I took to my extra sleeves and made some reusable Kleenex!  It was so simple.


At first I thought it would be gross.  I think handkerchiefs are kind of a gross weird idea so how is this any different?  The difference is that I am about 15 steps away from the laundry bin we keep just for kitchen and bath towels. So now I blow my nose and just add it to the bin instead of the wastebasket.  I've been doing it for about a month now and I get it.  Less waste and less wasted money on Kleenex.  That's a win-win in our house.


So, I encourage you to try making one green adjustment to your daily routine. Then tell me about it!  

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