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3 Tricks to Save Your Cash and the Planet

Did you know that adopting green habits can actually help you save money? A common misconception about implementing a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle is that you need to fork out your entire savings to do so!

Here are 3 ways you can save the environment without breaking your bank:

1. Invest in a quality reusable water bottle.

According to a study by Ban the Bottle, drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day from tap in the US costs less than $1 per year. That same amount of water when purchased in single-use bottles is about $1,400 per year. With a bottle that you can reuse, you can reduce your single-use plastic waste and save some big bucks.


2. Avoid fast fashion.

The fashion industry is one of the top 3 environmental polluters. While fast fashion styles are super cute and trendy, try not to splurge every season. The clothes you just spend your hard earned money on will end up out of style by the next season. Instead, try purchasing quality items that you can make multiple outfits out of. Brownie points if you purchase clothing from thrift stores or upcycling clothing brands (like Create Good Co!). Some of my favorites are comfy shirts and top layers that can be thrown on with simple staple pieces.


3. Replace common household items with greener options.

It’s easy to get into the groove of buying wasteful items around our homes because they’re what we are used to. There are some things that can be replaced with a green alternative and save you money that you would have used on replacing those items!
Reusable Sponges: There’s nothing worse than cleaning dishes with a sponge that’s stained and falling apart. These reusable sponges can be washed to minimize bacteria growth and save a few dollars each month.

Dryer Buddies: Say no to dryer sheets! This alternative removes dryer static and fluffs and softens fabrics.

Cotton Rounds: Kiss cotton balls goodbye and say hello to reusable cotton rounds. These are great for make-up remover and toner. Just throw them in with the laundry after each use!


Do you have other ideas? Send them to us at and we'll do the research and help spread the word!



This article was written by Madeleine Meyer currently studying Automotive Technology at Southern Illinois University.



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Awesome tips!

Deanna Meyer

Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing. I also like to use reusable grocery bags and produce bags when I’m grocery shopping! :)

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