Upcycle products for the entire family!

Between toys, food, and accessories, spoiling your pets can get expensive. What if I told you it didn’t have to be? Your dog can still look good and have fun without costing a fortune. Our Fancy Dog Collars are a great way to dress up your dogs, but toys are just as important! If your dog is anything like mine, “destroy proof” toys don’t really exist. Buying new toys can be expensive, so if you’re interesting in an expense-free dog toy, this tutorial is for you!

Step 1) Find some old t-shirts that you don’t mind parting ways with.

Step 2) Cut the torso from the shirt. Tip: use the top sections as cleaning rags instead of tossing them! 


Step 3) Cut slits in 3 inch increments along the bottom edge. 


Step 4) Rip or cut the shirt from the slits and divide them into piles. 


Step 5) Lay out three rows of strands (1-2 in each row depending on the thickness desired). Then lay one strand of fabric under the top sections of the pairs. 


Step 6) Tie the single strand around the tops of the others, double knotting securely. 


Step 7) Braid the three sections tightly, leaving some room at the bottom.  


Step 8) Tie the loose ends securely.


Step 9) Complete! Time to give it to your pup! 


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Upcycle products for the entire family!