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Tips on Keeping You and Mother Earth Beautiful

You’re beautiful on the inside and the outside, let’s keep our planet that way too! When it comes to choosing environmentally friendly habits, there’s a handful of options for beauty routines. Comparing packaging, ingredients, and disposal options can help guide you towards the best option for you and the environment! How’s that for a win-win?! Implementing green habits into your routine can be hard, so let me share a few of my favorites with you!

Wands For Wildlife 

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge accepts donations of used mascara wands to help keep bugs out of small at-risk wildlife animals’ fur. The organization accepts wand donations in February and October via mail to P.O. Box 1211, Skyland, NC 28776. A donation form found on their website must be included in the package. This is a great opportunity to help vulnerable wildlife while also reducing waste. Score!

Makeup remover washcloths

We’ve all heard about reusable cotton rounds for makeup remover and toner, but another alternative is makeup remover washcloths. I’ve been using these for years and I love them! Just get the cloth wet and wash your face as usual to remove surface makeup. Then wash your face with cleanser to remove any residual makeup and dirt. They can then be washed in a normal laundry cycle. The best part? They even work on waterproof makeup!

Think about Packaging

Many beauty brands use a crazy amount of packaging to make their product seem bigger and better than their competitors. Try to keep your eye out for brands and products that use easily recycled materials like cardboard or glass packaging rather than plastics. Opt for makeup brushes that have bamboo handles, like EcoTools, to reduce plastic consumption as well.

Get Crafty

Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves from time to time? Face masks, sugar scrubs, body butter, you name it! It’s easy to grab from the store, but making your own could be better for many reasons. By making your own beauty products, you’re ensuring freshness and safety of them. Many store bought products can have harsh chemicals that shouldn’t be near our skin. DIY-ing beauty products also cuts back on the single-use packaging that ends up in the landfills. So on your next pamper night, opt out of a store-bought products and make your own! Definitely still grab a bottle of your favorite wine though, just make sure to recycle it later!

Think Dirty

Choosing greener options when it comes to beauty and hygiene is important because harsh chemicals can cause irritation and discomfort in sensitive areas. Before purchasing a product, I like to research it on the internet and on the “Think Dirty” app just to see if a product is safe or not. Putting in the extra effort to research products can help keep you and the environment as beautiful as ever!


Hopefully you've learned a few things and enjoyed the tips.  Got any ideas for us on how to minimize waste?  Comment below and we'll check them out!


Photo Credit : EcoTools

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Create Good Co.

Hey Emp-ress thanks for the blog! I did some further research on Eco Tools and they are kicking but in sustainability. The handles on their brushes are bamboo and looks like the metal piece is made from recycled metals too. Here is a link to see all that they’re up to:


Really liked and learned a few things from this article! My only question is, is the bamboo used in the eco tools brush real bamboo?


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